Cyber security

A joint responsibility!

If we’ve learned anything from the 2019 cyber attack, it is that a reliable digital network is vital.  The university has worked hard to make the network more secure.

UM-SOC, our Security Operations Centre now has three, soon to be four, dedicated employees who are continuously monitoring our security situation. They keep track of 1,650 servers, 9,000 workspaces and the remote-working environments. They check that systems are being updated and monitor technical signals. They pay particular attention to phishing. We’re also constantly on the lookout for errors in our systems, because these are potential security holes. SURFsoc supports us with this, monitoring our network using sensors.

But each and every one of us can contribute to UM’s cyber security. Only by being alert to what is and is not sensible, and by avoiding unnecessary risks, do we make life difficult for hackers. They are only to happy to capitalise on inattentiveness --but with the help of our ICT staff, we can outsmart them. We need to work together to preserve the security of our digital networks. Let us all stay alert and be aware of the risks!


Cyber security: Do's & don'ts

We can all contribute to cyber security. It is not difficult and it absolutely helps. So take your responsibility and do your bit to keep the IT landscape of our university safe.