Do not install software from an unreliable source!

Nothing is for free, not even in the world of software. There is always someone who wants to earn money from software. This may be done through advertisements, but it is also possible that criminals have introduced malware into the software, in order to steal your passwords or to access the university’s network and servers through your computer.

Here are some tips for keeping your computer or mobile device safe:

  • Use the software that comes with your computer or tablet and preferably buy add-ons from the same supplier.
  • In principle, only use the software on your work computer that is provided by UM via your local ICT support officer or the ICT Service Centre.
  • Through SURFspot, students and staff can purchase useful software, also for private use, cheaply and securely.
  • Never use software for which you need ‘cheat codes’ in order to save on licence costs or for which you have to bypass the security features of your computer. This is unsafe and sometimes even a punishable offense.
  • For mobile devices, only use apps from the official app stores, for example, of Google or Apple.