Alumni Circles

UM alumni go everywhere; they swarm around the world. Alumni Circles provide the opportunity to get and stay in contact with other UM alumni and the alma mater. Circles are in spread over The Netherlands, Europe and worldwide, see the list below. New ones pop up regularly all over the world. Alumni Circles organize all kind of activities.  

A circle can serve various purposes: sometimes the emphasis is placed on sociable contacts; in other cases a circle's programme focuses on network development. However, all circles ensure that alumni stay informed of developments inside and outside of UM, and that they can learn from the experiences that their fellow alumni have had with regard to companies an/or institutions in the region. In addition, a circle can also serve as a feedback group, for the local authorities for example. 

Core Groups
The active Alumni Circles have so-called alumni committees or core groups; these members organize the follow-up meetings. Each core group has a contact person. A circle's success largely depends on the initiatives and commitment of these core groups. To guarantee this success, a yearly meeting in Maastricht will be planned for the organizing committees/core groups of all alumni circles. The representatives of the various alumni circles are also invited to all other alumni circle meetings. The central information and organization for alumni is the Alumni Office. Should you have any questions, please contact us at alumni[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl

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Alumni in Social Media

    • Hello Maastricht Alumni! I'm looking to connect with past or present students of the MSc in Forensic Psychology at Maastricht Uni - I've been offered a place and wanted to ask them some questions about the course and their future career pathways - specifically if any UK nationals applied for and were awarded BPS accreditation for the course after they graduated?
      If this is the wrong place to write, I apologise - and if you know of a better group to ask please do advise me! :)

      1 day 5 hours ago
    • The Spring Meet 2018 of the Düsseldorf Alumni Circle took place on 8th May. We were happy to have around 60 former Maastricht students from Düsseldorf and other surrounding cities in the Rhineland at the event on the D-Town Terrace next to the Rhine River, in the heart of the old city of Düsseldorf. The participants made use of the opportunity to interact with several Alumni attended the meeting for the first time and were positively surprised by the relaxed and interactive atmosphere surrounding the event! Next to meeting fellow students the Alumni took the chance to get in contact with other former Maastricht students living and working in Düsseldorf. In particular, students who recently graduated obtained some useful insights from other Alumni who have working experience in Düsseldorf. As a special guest this time we had Inna representing the Alumni Chapter for NRW of the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). The event ended around midnight and everyone was looking forward to the next Alumni Circle Düsseldorf get-together in Summer!

      1 week 3 hours ago