'Welcome123' is not a strong password!

Passwords are an important aspect of information security at UM. Strong passwords make it more difficult for unauthorised persons to gain access to your information and information belonging to UM. UM is working to ensure that all staff and students use strong passwords and change their passwords on an annual basis. Change your password now and make sure your information is fully secure! The required use of strong passwords at UM is being coordinated by the ICT Service Centre.

A strong UM password* meets the following requirements:

  • Minimum length 15 characters
  • Password may not contain your username
  • Password must be different from previous five passwords
  • Password must meet three of the following criteria:
  1. At least one uppercase alphabetic character
  2. At least one lowercase alphabetic character
  3. At least one numeric character
  4. At least one symbol

*The password policy applies from 1 December 2018. Any strong passwords created before this date must be changed as well.

How do you choose a strong password?

Strong passwords are not always easy to remember. You should therefore use a saying, a line from a song or another phrase that you can easily remember and that is difficult to guess or crack. Generally speaking, password phrases are more secure than ordinary ‘complex’ passwords due to their greater length. Examples of good password phrases include: ‘I like football.’ (three of the four criteria) or ‘We went 2 school’ (all four criteria).

Changing your password

You can change your password via https://myaccount.maastrichtuniversity.nl/, preferably on a fixed network connection (desktop or laptop docking station). Be sure to register an alternative email address via the same link first. This way you can restore access to your account if you forget your new password. The step-by-step instructions for changing your password are available here.

Questions or advice?

Please contact the ICTS Service Desk by calling +31 43 38 85555 or sending an email to servicedesk-icts[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl