An ultra-high field fMRI investigation of auditory learning

By combining behavioral studies with ultra-high field (f)MRI at 7 Tesla, we will examine how brain processing changes with learning. The use of 7 Tesla (f)MRI will allow examining these changes at an unprecedented spatial resolution, which in turn allows investigating small subcortical auditory structures and layer-specific cortical processes​.

Hearing, understanding, and interacting with sounds is crucial in our everyday life. While seemingly straightforward, hearing is an extremely adaptive and flexible process. For example, in a noisy environment we can tune in to those sounds that are currently important to us, and we can learn to recognize the voice of a new friend. Recent invasive studies showed that this flexibility is accompanied by rapid and/or long-lasting changes in brain processing.

Various studies are planned in this direction, and the exact content/focus of the project will be determined together with the student. The earliest possible starting date of this internship is October 2019.