UB and Project Study 2gether Online: Virtual Library

The University Library (UB) received feedback from lecturers and staff that quite a few students suffer from loneliness. They miss the social contacts during physical education and studying together in the University Library. As a result, they do not feel good about themselves, which does not help their study motivation. In order to offer students some support, the University Library has therefore decided to create an attractive, hospitable and easily accessible virtual library location with a library look & feel, where you can study together online. Heidi Blezer (UB) is project manager of the Study2gether Online project: “We have added the Virtual Library to our offer of library locations. In January 2022, we will see if we want to continue the project, also after times of corona. If so, we can experiment with the expansion of spaces and functions. The Virtual Library fits in very well with the concept of permanently changing education, of which studying at home will probably become a fixed element. How great is it that you can then visit the library live, online on your screen.”

Student with laptop

First a study rhythm together, now the Virtual Library

Blezer: "We have elaborated the idea to offer a nice, motivating and inspiring online environment where you can study well concentrated and meet each other. This is mainly intended to support students in studying at home, which is increasingly becoming the new normal. Even though you are at home, you can still see your fellow students, just like in a real library. Under the guidance of a host you can, for example, follow a study rhythm of 50 minutes study and 10 minutes break. You can share study tips and drink virtual coffee. If there is a down moment, the host can keep the spirits up or take someone aside. We absolutely want to make sure that we offer something that our students really click with, benefit from and enjoy, conceived as much as possible from their familiar UB world.

It is important that the Virtual Library becomes better known as a library location. We have added the Virtual Library to the flyer about our library locations. You can see it as an innovation that is still in at an early stage and that now hopefully will be found by our students during the corona crisis.  At the Virtual Library you are very much invited to give feedback! Only that way can we improve the environment and adjust it to the needs of our students. During the pilot, there were regular visitors, but we strive for more familiarity with this option.”

The Virtual Library is the place to meet each other virtually (safely and comfortably) and to study together, collaborate, take breaks and play games together. The Virtual Library is freely accessible to everyone with a UM account. When you log in for the first time, you will see a short introduction. After that, you enter the Virtual Library.