Living in Maastricht

Will you be moving to Maastricht, or will you keep living where you live now? These pages will tell you more about the things you'll need to arrange.

Is there a housing shortage in Maastricht?

That depends on the time of year you start your search. In general, the student housing market in Maastricht gets busier every year. In August/September and January/February, the supply of available rooms can be very limited, so start your search as early as possible, even in May (for a study start in September) or October (for a study start in February). Otherwise, you may not be able to find suitable accommodation at all.

Besides, it is much better if you have sorted out your accommodation early. This way, you can experience and enjoy the city before your studies begin.

So, again, be sure to start your housing search as soon as possible! That means well before you come to Maastricht. If you don’t, you may end up wasting valuable time on finding a room, which may severely affect your studies.

And please remember that arranging for your housing in Maastricht is your own responsibility. Maastricht University is unable to offer student housing. We can only give you some advice.

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Find accommodation in Maastricht

Are you coming to Maastricht and looking for a place to call your new home? Or are you already living in Maastricht and ready for an upgrade? There are many ways of finding accommodation. Maastricht University has partnered with some organisations (such as 'Maastricht Housing'  and 'Match Maastricht') to help its students and employees find suitable accommodation.

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Moving? Please inform us of your new address.

Are you a student at UM and are you going to move? Please inform UM of your new address. What you'll need to do that depends on your situation. Procedures differ for students moving within the Netherlands, students moving to the Netherlands from abroad and students going abroad. You should register with the municipality where you are going to live. If you are going to live in Maastricht, the university can help with your municipal registration.

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Huurteam Zuid-Limburg (Rental Team South Limburg)

Problems with your deposit or tenancy agreement? Paying too much rent or service costs? Or is your student house badly maintained? UM students who rent accommodation can obtain advice and guidance from the Housing Helpdesk.

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Parking possibilities

Do you plan on driving to UM (from abroad) every day? Do you live in Maastricht and own a car? Then UM and the Municipality of Maastricht have several parking options for you.

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