UCM/MSP Tuition fee waiver

At University College Maastricht (UCM) and Maastricht Science Programme (MSP) , we do not want finances preventing talented students from becoming part of our academic community. We recognise that some applicants from EU/EEA countries may be unable to pay the UCM/MSP tuition fee, which is higher than the national tuition fee set by the Dutch government. We therefore offer a tuition fee waiver for these applicants to cover the difference between the two fees.

Who is eligible?

All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • You are applying for the Liberal Arts & Sciences programme of UCM or MSP
  • You hold an EU/EEA passport
  • You do not have personal funds available
  • You do not have parents or guardians who are able to support you financially
  • You do not have access to maintenance grants
  • You do not have access to subsidised loans

Duration of the UCM/MSP tuition fee waiver

The UCM/MSP tuition fee waiver is awarded for the duration of the bachelor’s programme, with a maximum of 36 months.

Amount of the UCM/MSP tuition fee waiver

The tuition fee waiver covers the difference between the UCM/MSP tuition fee and the national tuition fee set by the Dutch government. 

Application deadline
Applications will open in October 2023.

Application procedure

Step 1: register for the bachelor’s programme in Liberal Arts & Sciences at UCM or MSP via Studielink  

Step2: simultaneously submit a waiver request to ucm-admissions@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Please bear in mind that the Board of Admissions need to review the application. The sooner a request is made, the sooner a decision can be communicated. 

The request for a waiver should include the following documents:

  • A letter stating the reasons for your inability to pay.
  • Official documentation of financial situation, such as recent (parental) tax return and/or statements of personal wealth.

Please note: if a candidate does not and/or cannot provide the necessary proof, the application will not be assessed by the Board of Admissions.

Selection procedure

Step 1: the Board of Admissions reviews all waiver requests during the application procedure.

Step 2: the Board of Admissions informs the applicant on its decision as soon as possible.