Graduation Statement

You need a UM Graduation Statement completed by the school or university if you are not yet in possession of the diploma with which you qualify for admission to UM. Only the standard UM Graduation Statement will be accepted for admission.

Download the standard UM Graduation Statement  

 Please note:
You cannot use this graduation statement if you obtained your diploma before 2023. In that case, it is mandatory to send a certified copy of your diploma.

You must send the completed graduation statement, provided with an original stamp and signature and with the last grades transcript. Copies or uploads of a graduation statement will not be accepted.

The graduation statement must be received by the UM Admissions Office no later than 31 August (or 31 January if you start your studies in February).

As soon as you have your diploma, it is necessary that you immediately send a certified copy of your diploma to the UM Admissions Office.

 Read more about the certified copy of your diploma