Withdrawing your application

Did you register for a study programme at Maastricht University, but have changed your mind? Then you need to withdraw your enrolment application before 1 September via Studielink. Only then will you be eligible for reimbursement of the tuition fees you have already paid.

Withdrawing your application in Studielink

  1. Go to Studielink    
  2. Log in
  3. Go to <My Studielink page>
  4. Go to <My courses>
  5. Go to <Course details>
  6. Click on <Cancel>
  7. Confirm your choice

On your <My Studielink> page, go to <My courses> and <Information on registration (request)>, under <Status>. Here you can see that your registration has been withdrawn.

Withdrawing your enrolment application after 1 September

If the UM receives your request after 1 September, you might be registered already. This means you will have to 'quit your study programme', even though you have not actually started yet.

Read what you have to do to quit your study programme