What you need to know about DigiD

Registering from abroad and problems with DigiD

Sometimes DigiD is only available to a limited extent from outside of the Netherlands. This could, for example, be due to DDos attacks. If you are worried about missing the deadline, please contact the Student Services Centre.

For the most recent information about problems with DigiD please go to the news releases section on the website of DigiD  .

If you move abroad, your DigiD expires

If you move abroad, as result of which your address changes, then your DigiD becomes invalid. You will then need to log into Studielink in a different manner. You will then need to be able to log in to Studielink in some other way. Please send an email to our IT service desk: servicedesk-icts@maastrichtuniversity.nl stating that you wish to convert your DigiD authentication into a Studielink authentication.

To apply for a DigiD, you must have a Dutch residential address and a Citizen Service Number (Dutch: Burger Service Nummer - BSN).

 Read more about the Citizen Service Number