The UMcard is a smart card for students, employees and (some) visitors. The UMcard is your official ID within the university. Only with this card you can enter the UM buildings, parking lots, and other facilties.  

The UMcard can be used to pay at several food and beverage outlets and vending machines within UM. But you can also use it to identify yourself at test locations, for printing at UM or to borrow books at the library. 

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The Student Services Centre (SSC) is responsible for issuing the cards to new students. New UM students will be informed at the start of their study via email when and where their card can be picked up.

Your first UMcard is free when you start studying. You only need to pay if you lose your UMcard or if it is stolen, see below on how to request a replacement.

Use the following form to obtain an UMcard or change your information: Request / change form UMcard

Your management unit pays for your first UMcard. You will only be charged if you have requested a replacement UMcard upon loss or theft, see below on how to request a replacement.

It is no longer possible to make a request for a UMcard on paper, neither via the receptions or the building managers. You can make the UMcard request by contacting the secretariat of your department; they will make sure your form is complete before sending it to the UMcard team.

Defective UMcard?

Contact the UMcard team at ( and include a short description of the issue, your student ID/P-number and 6-digit card number, and they will try to solve your issue or replace your UMcard if necessary.

When you go to pick up a new UMcard, make sure to hand in the old defective card at the reception.

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Lost your UMcard?

Did you lose your UMcard? No problem. It is possible to request a replacement Umcard by using the green buttons on the right.

A replacement UMcard can only be picked up at the reception desk of Minderbroedersberg 4-6 and Universiteitssingel 40 on the next working day after 14:00, unless communicated otherwise.

The fee of a replacement Umcard due to loss or theft is € 11,50. You can pay with iDEAL, PayPal, credit card or Bankcontact/Mister Cash. Once we receive your payment, your new UMcard will be printed. We will contact you when the new UMcard is ready or when we need additional information. 

Request a replacement UMcard

Do you need more help?

You can contact the UMcard team for any other questions regarding authorizations or further questions regarding the UMcard.

Common questions

Why does my Umcard not work at the printers?
If you have an issue with the printer (e.g. you cannot log in with your card or manually), you can contact ICTS as it might be an account issue.

Can I change the picture on my Umcard?
If you want to replace the image on a defective card, mail the picture together with the email explaining the defect.

If you want to replace the picture on your lost UMcard, mail the picture first before requesting a new card.

How can I get authorizations on my Umcard?
If you need specific authorizations for a location, you can contact the secretariat of your department; they can point you to who you can ask.

Parking for employees
Click here for more information on UMployee (login required, employees only).

Request a replacement UMcard