Dutch for immigrants and expats

Please note, we cannot accept new civic integration participants anymore. For more information on civic integration please consult the website of your municipality. If you live in Maastricht, you can find more details here: website of Sociale Zaken Maastricht Heuvelland  .

How does the integration process work?

In addition to the language courses that train you to the level at which you can successfully take the Staatsexamen, you can also follow other, obligatory components of the Inburgeringsexamen with us. In order to reach the B2 level required for the State Examination NT2 programme 2, you must have completed the 6 modules:

  • A1
  • A2
  • B1 minus
  • B1
  • B2 minus
  • B2

Each module lasts 7 weeks and starts 5 times a year; in February, April, June, September and November. At the end of each module there is an exam for all 4 skills. You need to pass this exam to be allowed to continue to the next module.

  • State Exam Training programme II: you practise for all skill-based parts of the exam.

It is possible to take this training in a group or individual. When you want to do an individual NT2 training please see Individual coaching to find more information about this option.

On a regular basis. In addition, the integration programme supervisor will help you in your dealings with DUO (e.g., submitting invoices, applying for the State Exam). 

Please note! DUO will only lend you money if you are following a language course at a school with the  Blik op Werk Hallmark.


External clients

  • A1 to B2minus: 40 hours and € 780 per module
  • B2: 42 hours and € 819
  • STEX: 14 hours and €273

UM Staff and Alumni

  • A1-B2minus: 40 hours and €640
  • B2: 42 hours and €672
  • STEX: 14 hours and €224

UM students

  • A1-B2minus: 40 hours and €440
  • B2: 42 hours and € 462
  • STEX: 14 hours and €154

Books and dictionaries are not included in the prices and can be invoiced via DUO

Intake and language level assessment

Please note, we have stopped taking on new civic integration participants

If you want to follow an integration course at the Language Centre, please contact inburgering@maastrichtuniversity.nl. They will make sure that you are invited by the intake team for an intake interview. 

After the interview, the intake team will suggest a personalised study programme. This programme advice is part of the quote for the programme.

If you agree to the proposed programme and the quote, you will receive a course contract, which contains the terms and conditions applying to your course programme. We kindly ask that you sign and return this contract.

We will send the invoice for the course to DUO. They will ask you for an agreement. Please do not forget to sign the agreement and send it back to DUO. We will send you an specification detailing the costs for your course.

Programme conclusion

When you have successfully completed all the language modules at the Language Centre you can take the State Exam and the other parts of the exam. The State Exam is organised by DUO. To register for the exam or learn more about it, visit the DUO   website.

LC bow keurmerk

Are you required to pass the integration exam?

If you would like to know whether you have to pass the integration exam, please check www.inburgeren.nl. There, you will find all the information you need, including information about how to pay for your integration programme.


Blik op Werk-certified

In August 2017, the Language Centre received the final quality hallmark of the Blik op Werk Institute. This means that persons integrating into Dutch society can select language courses and integration courses from the Language Centre’s standard range of products. The Blik op Werk quality hallmark vouches for the basic qualities and reliability of service providers.