Your enrolment at Maastricht University

Students at Maastricht University must re-enrol each year. If you graduate or de-enrol before finishing your degree, you need to notify the university.


If you intend to continue your present study programme in the upcoming academic year, you will need to submit a re-enrolment request via Studielink. The payment of your tuition fee is part of the re-enrolment procedure.
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Students from Maastricht University graduate automatically. You do not have to submit a request to graduate. However, automatic graduation does not mean that you are automatically de-enroled from Maastricht University as well. If you are terminating your studies you'll have to organise a number of things on time.

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Suspending your studies

During your study programme, or in the period between your bachelor’s and master’s programmes, you may wish to take a break from your studies.Taking time out can be a very positive experience that gives you the chance to do something you always wanted: travelling, volunteering, getting to know another culture, learning special skills or developing new competences.

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Terminating your studies

There are a number of things you will have to arrange when you terminate your studies, regardless of whether you are going to graduate or de-enrol without finishing your degree.

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Teaching timetables

For students and teachers it is vital to have their timetables on time. It is possible to link My Timetable and Microsoft Exchange, or any other digital agenda, so teaching schedules can automatically be imported into your own digital calendar.

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