Applying for support for studying with a disability

If you are a (prospective) student at Maastricht University (UM) with a disability or chronic illness, such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism or Crohn's disease, you can request the support and facilities that are necessary to accommodate your individual needs. To receive this support and have facilities made available to you, a few steps need to be taken. It is important that you take your own initiative in this by indicating what you can and cannot do, and describing what type of support you need.

Applying for support at Disability Support

  1. Before you apply:
     Make sure that you have an official medical statement (in Dutch or English) about your disability or chronical disease such as a dyslexia statement, including a signature. A statement from an alternative practitioner (alternative medicine) is not sufficient.
     Please make sure to start on time. The procedure for applying for extra facilities may take up to six weeks. You can sign up already in the summer before your study begins.
     If you suspect that you have a disability, or if you are in the diagnosis phase, then you also should inform Disability Support or your study adviser.
  2. Inform Disability Support that you will be studying with a disability. You can do this directly or via your study adviser.
  3. Disability Support writes an Advice Allotment Facilities (AAF) and sends it to the Board of Examiners.
  4. The Board of Examiners takes a formal decision about the facilities.

Nothing will happen without your consent

Please make sure that the relevant information reaches the right people. Without your consent, confidential information about you may not be exchanged between employees of UM. You are therefore responsible for ensuring that every employee involved knows what he or she must know in order to be able to help you. This does not mean you need to provide extensive details about your disability or chronical disease to everyone, but it is important inform people about how these may affect your studies.

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Individual study allowance (Individuele studietoeslag). Students who have a disability or chronical disease and cannot work because of that, can apply for individual study allowance (only available in Dutch). You have to check with your own municipality.

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