Student wellbeing

Preparing yourself for the labour market requires you to perform academically, professionally and personally. We understand that you might not always have the required skills yet to overcome the challenges you are faced with during your studies. Therefore we strive to make you more resilient and provide you with sufficient means to acquire skills that promote wellbeing during your studies and further in your professional career and life. 

Career and wellbeing videos

Do make sure you check out the career and wellbeing videos, developed by UM Career Services and the UM Psychologists. These short videos contain a collection of handy practices and exercises to work on your personal and professional development. Interested in improving your employability skills, feeling more resilient, boosting your self-confidence, expanding your network and finding interesting vacancies?

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Staff support students

Are you a UM employee and do you want to support your students in feeling well and becoming more resilient during and after university life? On this page you will find everything you need to support students; from workshops and training modules to online resources and roadmaps:

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