Social Impact Prize

Up until 2023, each year, the Student Project Team organised the Student Idea Competition. In this competition, you could pitch your projects or ideas to a jury of experts at Maastricht University (UM) and win a cash prize to help make your projects or ideas a reality.

Since 2024, the Student Idea Competition has merged with the Maastricht University Challenge  to become the SPT’s Social Impact Prize.

The aim of the Student Idea Competition was to improve student life at UM. UM students could enter the competition by submitting to the Student Project Team their ideas on how to better student life. Selected teams were offered a series of workshops to further develop and refine their ideas. During the finale, students pitched their ideas to a UM jury. The top three teams won cash prizes (and other surprises) as well as the offer of further support from the SPT for the implementation of their ideas.

The present Social Impact Prize has the same scope as the Student Idea Competition did. However, it is now awarded as a sectional prize within the Maastricht University Challenge and only to one participant.

Conditions for taking part

  • You have to be a student enrolled at UM or Zuyd Hogeschool.
  • You must be a participant in the Maastricht University Challenge (please click here for conditions of entry  ).
  • Your idea must have a social dimension i.e., it (also) aims to improve student life at UM.
  • Your idea must be original.

How can you take part?

The Student Project Team will reach out to a short-listed number eligible participants in the Maastricht University Challenge. Do you think that your project qualifies? Then you may also reach out to us via a Maastricht University Challenge’s online platform!

Applications for the 2024 edition of the Maastricht University Challenge is currently closed. Keep up-to-date by following us on Instagram  !

Previous Student Idea Competition winners


Eatly aims to decrease food waste, by offering high-quality fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.  


Digital Loan Service
Digital Loan Service aims to set up a system to lend electronic devices to students who temporarily cannot afford them and are experiencing problems with their studies as a result.


The Student Idea Competition 2020 was cancelled due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Precious Plastic Maastricht
The idea the team presented was to install pen-recycling bins next to the bins already located inside UM.