Council and Water Boards tax

Recently you may have received a tax bill (aanslagbiljet) from the Councils and Water Boards Tax Collaboration (Belastingsamenwerking Gemeenten en Waterschappen, BsGW) indicating that you are obliged to pay local taxes. These tax bills are issued annually and, to date, are only available in Dutch. Please read the information below to find out what you should do. 

Read the tax bill clarification

Background information

The BsGW is responsible for levying and collecting all local taxes on behalf of the municipal councils and water boards. The tax bill indicates the water tax, the council tax and any property tax you owe under the Real Estate Appraisal Act (WOZ).

Typically the oldest resident of the house will receive the tax bill under his/her name.

To do

  • make sure you pay the bill on time in order to avoid extra costs, such as reminder fees.
  • if you have questions about the bill or think you may be eligible for exemption, please contact the BsGW. You can find their contact details on the bill, or see the FAQs at  .

Please note that all forms and the BsGW’s website are only available in Dutch.