Names lists

This names list shows which UM units should/should not adhere to the house style. We have used a quadrant model to help clearly indicate which identity different UM-affiliated units should adopt.

Quadrant 1: UM identity

This list contains most university units, including the faculties and service centres, and the Maastricht University Office.

Quadrant 2: endorsed identity

This list contains university units that present themselves as A-brands combined with their parent brands. It mainly includes schools and institutes.

Quadrant 3: dual identity

This list contains the UM units that cooperate partly with another organisation.

Quadrant 4: independent brand

This list contains market-oriented companies owned or co-owned by UM which can present themselves as independent brands as part of UM Holding.


Managed by the House Style Office, the names list was compiled by the directors of the UM faculties, service centres, University Office and UM Holding. It also shows the official Dutch and English spellings of all names included.

When setting up new university units, you are obliged to report this to your faculty and service centre house style coordinator. After receiving authorisation from the responsible director/dean, the House Style Office will then include the new unit in the names list.

Those who have significant objections to the quadrant division and/or spelling of their unit should file their objection with the relevant director for approval by UM's Executive Board/Management Team and dean. Any units missing from the names list should inform their director.