Student Papers on State Aid and Public Procurement


  Andrea de Bie + Plamena Filipova, Development of Environmental Considerations within European Union Public Procurement
  Luca Bolzonello + Emiliano Canali, The Opacity of Transparency: Issues of application of the principle of transparency to public contract awards falling outside the scope of Directive 18/2004
  Cesulyte Egle + Simas Gerdvila, Green public procurement in the European Union: A case of Lithuania
  David de Groot + Joël Gunthardt, Green Public Procurement: An EU and Member State Perspective
  Kayleigh Brown + Tobias Tiemann, EU State  Aid Policy and the EC-Airbus case
  Luis Loras Oteo + Jan Hendrik Quandt, Challenges of International Government Procurement The Revised GPA from a European Perspective 
  Kevin Palmen + Mariusz Trajfacki, State Aid in the financial crisis
  Maria Geilmann + Marta Ottanelli, The fourth Altmark criterion -Ensuring competition and transparency through Public Procurement procedures in SGEIs
  Onno Heitling, The principle of transparency in public procurement
  Orsolya Tokaji-Nagy + Sead Kadic, Directive 2009/81/EC on EU Defence and Security Procurement: A major step towards creating a truly EU Defence Equipment Market.  To what extent has Directive 2009/81/EC been transposed into Hungarian and German national laws? A comparative analysis 
  Zsófia Halmágyi + Sabrina Fetea, State Aid and Public Service Broadcasting
  Joanna Lenart  + Ana Sofia Jacinto, State Aid and EU Cultural Policy: the Example of Films
  Marianthi Spyropoulou + Victoria Stickelberger, State Aid and Air Transport: An Analysis of Case Law
  Remi van de Calseijde + Joris Veenhuis, An Assessment of the ‘Exit Strategy’ of the Temporary Framework of State Aid Rules for Financial Institutions in the Light of the Financial and Economic Crisis