S.J.P.M. Eussen

Dr. Simone JPM Eussen works as an Assistant Professor in Nutritional Epidemiology at the department of Epidemiology. Her research focusses on the role of nutrition and underlying molecular processes in the aetiology of chronic diseases. She has built a track record on B-vitamins, related molecular one-carbon and kynurenine pathways, and chronic diseases including cardio-metabolic diseases, mental health, quality of life, and gastro-intestinal cancer (survivors). She integrates this expertise with her personal interest to study quality and timing of food intake. Anticipating to the emerging field of chrono-nutrition (food timing), which potentially has fundamental impacts on metabolism and chronic disease, she developed a questionnaire on dietary timing for observational studies.

Her teaching research activities focus on coordinating roles in Research Methods for observational studies at bachelor University College Venlo and master Epidemiology, and Nutritional Epidemiology at University College Venlo methodology. Among others Simone is actively involved in epidemiology and methodology teaching for the bachelor 'Health Sciences' and  'Medicine'.