Association of former Maastricht University employees


Maastricht University (UM) is a proud supporter of SenUM, the UM association of former employees. All former employees over the age of forty-five (and their partners) are encouraged to become members of SenUM. 

SenUM aims to:

  1. provide a platform for friendship and mutual contact based often on years of involvement with UM;
  2. share and cherish memories of mutual commitment to and enthusiasm for UM;
  3. maintain ties with UM.

In order to achieve these objectives, the SenUM board prepares an annual program that includes the following fixed elements:

  • excursions to cities and/or museums;
  • visits to companies and institutions;
  • nature/bird walks;
  • lectures by UM staff or third parties on contemporary topics.

The annual assemble takes place in spring and includes the presentation of the annual report, an account of the policies pursued and planned, and the election of the board. A Christmas get-together will be organised in mid-December to end the year. 

In 2019, SenUM visited the cities of Mechelen, Verviers, Utrecht and Heerlen (Maankwartier). In 2020, the Gouvernement and the renovated Tapijnkazerne were visited and there was a bird walk around the Bosschereiland. The corona pandemic prevented visits to the AfrikaMuseum in Tervuren, Herkenrode/Hasselt and Namen and lectures by Prof. Gerard Bos on modern cancer therapy and on the implementation of the Plan Transformatie of the ENCI groeve. It is hoped that these activities can still be undertaken in 2022.

If you have any questions or want to become a member of SenUM, please contact secretary Annie Kranitz.


Practical information

Various UM facilities are available for SenUM members, such as:

  • a free subscription to Magazine;
  • invitations for the 'Dies-celebration' and the 'Opening of the Academic Year';
  • on request an annual card for access to the university library;
  • on request a year card for sports facilities.


The association has over 300 members in 2021. SenUM receives an annual subsidy from Maastricht University and pays for its activities from membership fees. If activities involve high costs, participants are asked to contribute. The contribution for a former staff member is € 15,- and for a member with a partner € 20,-.


The board consists of: 

  Gerard Majoor Chairman
  Annie Kanitz Secretary
  René Verspeek Treasurer
  Mary Peters Member
  Marijke Dzon Member
  Emmy van Roosmalen Member
   André van Ooij Member