International Collaboration on Research Data Infrastructure


iCordi focuses on coordinating a series of cross-infrastructure experiments on global interoperability with a selected group of projects and communities. Each prototype addresses a specific community driven use case indentifying best-of-breed solutions and the remaining challenges.

The iCordi Prototype Programme is developed in synergy with the iCordi Analysis Programme devoted to analyzing data organizations and solutions as they emerge from the various scientific communities and the iCordi Workshop Programme covering the investigation data infrastructure convergence and reaching out to new research communities.

14 Partners from 8 countries (national data centers, technology providers and “iCORDI’s prime objective is to establish a coordination platform between Europe and the USA to discuss and improve the interoperability of today’s and tomorrow’s scientific data infrastructures of both continents and to extend this to the global levels” research communities).

Start date: 1st September 2012

Duration: 24 months