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The Thermophysiology and Metabolism research group at Maastricht University (TherMU) represents an interdisciplinary team of young and experienced scientists, performing cutting-edge research on human thermal physiology and metabolism. The group is led by Prof. Dr. Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt.

TherMU’s main research focus encompasses the effects of environmental parameters, such as temperature and light, on human physiology and health. Here, the emphasis lies on inter-individual differences in whole-body physiology and the underlying mechanisms on cellular level.

Next to basic physiological research, current studies focus on how the indoor environment (indoor climate and light) relates to long-term health and well-being and also thermal comfort and thermoregulatory behavior. Potential alternative (add-on) prevention and treatment strategies for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, employing different thermal and light conditions, are investigated.

The research group’s main goal is to put novel scientific findings into practice and to apply different lifestyle and environmental factors to create a healthy, sustainable indoor environment.


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