Overview Projects

Cancer and Molecular Epidemiology

Research line   Cohort/Theme Contact School
Cancer etiology & prognosis - Diet & lifestyle NLCS Piet van den Brandt GROW
Cancer etiology & prognosis - Polygenic risk scores, molecular tumor subtypes, colorectal cancer NLCS Colinda Simons GROW
Cancer etiology & prognosis - Epigenetics, colorectal cancer NLCS Matty Weijenberg GROW
Cancer etiology & prognosis - Kidney cancer, cancers of unknown primary origin NLCS Leo Schouten GROW
Colorectal cancer survivors - Diet & nutrition EnCoRe Matty Weijenberg, Martijn Bours GROW
Colorectal cancer survivors - Physical activity & sedentary behavior EnCoRe Eline van Roekel, Martijn Bours GROW
Colorectal cancer survivors - Body composition EnCoRe Martijn Bours, Colinda Simons GROW
Colorectal cancer survivors - Biological & molecular mechanisms EnCoRe Matty Weijenberg, Eline van Roekel GROW
Colorectal cancer survivors - Lifestyle recommendations EnCoRe Martijn Bours, Matty Weijenberg GROW

Colorectal cancer survivors - Prediction

EnCoRe Martijn Bours GROW
Colorectal cancer survivors - Peripheral neuropathy EnCoRe Colinda Simons, Martijn Bours, Matty Weijenberg GROW

Clinical Epidemiology

Project name Contact person School
Calcium supplementation to prevent pre-eclampsia in Low- and Middle-Income Countries; Individual Participant Data (IPD) meta-analysis, network meta-analysis and economic evaluation Luc Smits Caphri
Cancer incidence and mortality attributable to cigarette smoking and secondhand smoke exposure in Italy: risk and impact of tobacco control strategies Luc Smits Caphri
Congenital anomalies in Limburg Luc Smits Caphri
Continuous care during delivery Luc Smits Caphri
Covid Precise Laure Wynants Caphri
De Maastricht Studie: voedingsonderzoek Simone Eussen CARIM
ePIDEMic: The physiological impact of dietary methylglyoxal Simone Eussen CARIM
Expect project Luc Smits Caphri
Fluid resuscitation and postpartum haemorrhage Luc Smits Caphri
Implementation and utilization of clinical prediction models Laure Wynants Caphri
National Food Consumption Survey Simone Eussen CARIM
PhD project: Optical coherence tomography for non-invasive diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma Patricia Nelemans Caphri
 PhD project: Optimization and implementation of optical coherence tomography for diagnosing non-melanoma skin cancer Patricia Nelemans Caphri
PhD project: Optimization of care for patients with superficial basal cell carcinoma Patricia Nelemans Caphri
PhD project The Kynurenine Pathway and Cognitive Functioning: A Transdiagnostic Approach Simone Eussen CARIM
Prediction of morbidity during delivery after a previous caesarean section Luc Smits Caphri
Prediction of recurrent cerebrovascular events Luc Smits Caphri
Prediction of the outcome of thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) Luc Smits Caphri
The role of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products on tobacco control and their impact on cancer and health in Italy Luc Smits Caphri
Thromboelastometry in obstetrics Luc Smits Caphri
Trajectories of alcohol use in Italy and Europe. From epidemiology to prevention policy Luc Smits Caphri
WCRF-IIG grant: Neuro-inflammatory metabolites of the kynurenine pathway during colorectal cancer survivorship: dietary determinants and impact on quality of life, fatigue, depression and anxiety up to 5 years post-treatment. Simone Eussen CARIM
WCRF-DMS grant: 24h patterns of eating and physical activity in relation to sleep, inflammation and cardio-metabolic health  Simone Eussen CARIM and Caphri

Epidemiology of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Project name

Pelvic physiotherapy in childhood bladder and bowel dysfunctions Marieke van Engelenburg 2017

Further optimization of Sacral Neuromodulation therapy Randall Leong 2012

Evolution in sacral neuromodulation Anco Voskuilen 2012

Pelvic Physiotherapy in Faecal Incontinence Esther Bols 2011

Progress in sacral neuromodulation of the lower urinary tract Wout Schepens 2003

Conservative treatment for women with stress incontinence and bladder overactivity Bary Berghmans 2000

Factors influencing physical activity behaviour of hospitalised patients Hanneke Huisman 2022

Back in the saddle": early training in critical care: effects of early training and evaluation of physical function and activity in mechanically ventilated, critically ill adults Sabrina Grossenbacher-Eggman 2022

Blended therapy - an innovative approach to implement and promote adherence to physical exercise training in patients with inflammatory myopathyPierette Baschung Pfister 2021

Musculoskeletal Complaints in Musicians: Epidemiology, Phenomenology, and Prevention Vera Baadjou 2018

Physical therapy in COPD. Effects on exacerbations and influence of comorbidity Emmylou Beekman 2017

outcome in musculoskeletal diseases: the context of cross-cultural research, intervention and multimorbidity Antje Neuen 2017

Innovative training programs for frail elderly in the skilling up stage. Effects of stochastic-whole body vibration and dance video game on physical performance Slavko Rogan 2016

Multimorbidity challenges physical activity. Implications for targeting patient treatment Sarah Dörenkamp 2016

Application and integration of the international classification of functioning, disability and health in vocational rehabilitation Monika Finger 2015

Aspects of joint protection education in people with rheumatoid arthritis Karin Niedermann 2010

Psychosocial factors and physical inactivity in type 2 diabetes Berber Koopmans 2008

Pressure ulcer prevention in cardiac surgery patients Johanna Feuchtinger 2005

Mind your step: The use of hip abductor strength to assess the fall risk of persons 65 years and older Simone Gafner 2022

Hallux Valgus; preoperative criteria and surgical outcome Axel Deenik 2015

Gait and Balance characteristics in patients with diabetes type 2 Lara Allet 2009

Stimulation of Different Foot Structures and Functions. Effects on physical performance in older adults. Antonia Hartmann 2009

Evaluation of Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines in Physical Therapy: Ankle Sprain as Case Example Philip van der Wees 2009

Dynamic Joint Stability in athletes – the value of isokenetic dynamometry – Robert van Cingel 2007

Precision medicine in the rehabilitation of locomotor function: individual gait profiles for deficit-specific training strategies in spinal cord injury

Contextual Interference – The Challenging Way Towards Evidence In Paediatric Neurorehabilitation Judith Graser 2021

Measuring and training of walking abilities in pedriatric neurorehabilitation Corinne Amman 2018

Treatment and assessment tools for stroke patients with and without visuo-spatial neglect Bernadette Tobler Amman 2018

The influence of walking aids on the recovery of gait function and balance following stroke Clare Maguire 2016

Robot assisted treadmill exercise for cardiovascular rehabilitation early after stroke Oliver Stoller 2015

Ambulatory rehabilitation in patients with spinal cord injury. A clinical perspective Markus Wirz 2013

Paratonia enlightened. Definition, diagnosis, course, risk factors, and treatment.Hans Hobbelen 2010

Exploring functional limitations in people with traumatic and nontraumatic neck pain Martijn Stenneberg 2021

Sequence of segmental contributions in the lower cervical spine and their application to cervical arthroplasty.Toon Boselie 2019

Specific or non-specific exercises for patients with low back pain Jeanette Saner Bissig 2018

Perspectives on neck pain Anke Langenfeld 2018

TLIF vs PLIF in spondylolisthesis Suzanne de Kunder 2018

Identification of subgroups in low back pain patients Martin Verra 2013

Decision making in surgical treatment of chronic low back pain. The performance of prognostic tests to select patients for lumbar spinal fusion Paul Willems 2011

Lumbar extensor training in low back pain management Pieter Helmhout 2009

Diagnosis and Intervention in Peripartal pelvic girdle pain  Carolien Bastiaenen 2005

Physiotherapy and sick leave in patients with chronic low back pain Jan Kool 2005

Functions and physical functioning after total knee arthroplasty surgery Danielle Bergmans 2019

Aquacycling in knee osteoarthritis Stefanie Rewald 2018

Preoperative Interventions in patients with severe knee osteoarthritis undergoing total knee replacement Erika Huber 2015

Tailoring conservative care in osteoarthritis Thomas Hoogeboom 2013

Aspects of physiotherapy in the peri-operative management of total knee arthropathy patients – Ton Lenssen 2007

Osteoarthritis: a rehabilitative approach in general practice Peter Heuts 2006

Towards a preventive strategy for complaints of the arm, neck and/or shoulder Vivian Bruls 2018

Ultrasound imaging to tailor treatment of shoulder pain in general practice Ramon Ottenheijm 2015

The effectiveness of injections in cuff disorders Ludo Penning 2015

Physiotherapy in shoulder impingement syndrome Thilo Kormer 2014

Work and pain Shala Eltayed 2011

Risks and recommendations in WRULD Marjon van Eijsden 2010

The effectiveness of an education and activation program in acute and sub-acute shoulder complaints presented in general practice Camiel de Bruijn 2007

Occupational Epidemiology

Projects that affiliate with Occupational Epidemiology will be available soon.