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Maastricht Centre for Global Health

Launched in 2017, the Maastricht Centre for Global Health addresses health and well-being in a globalised world, and promotes equity and participation. The centre’s research not only contributes to a better understanding of upstream determinants of health, but also to the understanding of transnational responsibilities and response options for international global health agendas.

Global Health is an emerging and rapidly growing academic discipline that addresses the far-reaching implications on population health and wellbeing of international trends and governance issues such as: trade regimes, geo-political developments, environmental changes, and societal and technological innovation. Global health research involves the understanding of the linkages and interdependencies of global, biological, social and human systems, and relies on integrated contributions from various academic fields and disciplines.

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The Maastricht Centre for Global Health is a joint initiative by the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science, The Faculty of Law and the International Centre for Integrated Assessment and Sustainable Development. It aims to expand collaboration across other faculties. The collaboration creates a platform for an unprecedented and exceptionally rich, multidisciplinary research network for Global Health.