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Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage

The Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH) is an interdisciplinary research centre that brings together economic, legal, (art) historical, philosophical, sociological and practical expertise to the context of arts and heritage. In response to the demands of the increasingly complex challenges facing the fields of arts and heritage today, MACCH initiates collaborative research projects with researchers, professionals, and students from diverse backgrounds. MACCH is a joint effort of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the School of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Science and Engineering (formerly Faculty of Humanities and Sciences), and the Sociaal Historisch Centrum voor Limburg (SHCL) and the Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL).



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  • 27 Feb
    13:00 - 14:00

    Spark Session!

    Join us for our inaugural Spark Session! Spark Sessions aims to provide a playground for early-career researchers from diverse backgrounds working on/in the Arts, Culture, Conservation and Heritage domains, to connect, converse, collaborate, and learn from each other in an open comfortable space. 

  • 14 Mar
    14:00 - 16:30

    Spark Session!

    Our second session will feature the MOOVA research team who will be discussing their research in the project: Making Old Objects Valuable Again: The Cultural, Economic Challenges and Sustainability Opportunities of Antique in the 21st Century. 

  • 15 Mar
    09:00 - 17:00

    Annual MACCH Event: Circularity in Arts and Heritage: Practice, Policy & Research

    Circularity in Arts and Heritage: Practice, Policy & Research
    Friday 15 March 2024
    Venue: Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht
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  • 22 Aug 24 Aug
    13:30 - 16:00

    Historians’ Days 2024

    Together with the Royal Netherlands Historical Society (KNHG), Open University (OU) and Fontys (F), Maastricht University will organize the fourth edition of the Historians’ Days. 


MACCH addresses the need for an interdisciplinary approach to the academic nexus of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. We strive to make this expertise available in the EUregion and in a larger international context through publications and by organising workshops, events, and conferences, such as the annual MACCH conference during The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF). MACCH's collaborative research projects:

  1. examine the processes that turn cultural objects and practices into heritage (Arts and Heritage in the Making); 
  2. critically assess how and for whom its values come about (Valorising Arts and Heritage);
  3. enhance novel ways of user engagement and participatory presentations (Participation and Presentation);
  4. investigate legal, economical and policy frameworks (Art Market, Law and Policy);
  5. bring together methodologies and practices from the arts and sciences in between making and thinking (Artistic Research).

Commissioned Research

MACCH conducts research consultancy, contract research and other service activities directed towards the larger society and in collaboration with private and public partners. MACCH’s combination of legal, (art) historical, philosophical, sociological, economic, and practical expertise makes it an ideal partner for tackling the increasingly complex challenges facing arts and heritage today.

    For more information, contact Dr. Joop de Jong

    Research areas wherein we can offer services include:

    • cultural policy evaluation
    • cultural education
    • project monitoring
    • intellectual property law
    • art market research
    • re-use of industrial heritage
    • public participation
    • conservation and documentation of art


    Teaching in the areas of art, culture, conservation, and heritage is important to several faculties at Maastricht University, and interfaculty cooperation takes place in various forms and levels (bachelor’s, master’s and PhD). An example is the successful joint Minor “Art, Law and Policy Making” between the faculties of Arts & Social Sciences and Law. Another example is the course and skills training ‘Science and the Visual Arts: Conservation and its Histories’, a collaboration between the Maastricht Science Programme, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg. At the regional level MACCH collaborates with Hogeschool Zuyd and the Hubert van Eyck Academy. Our international network of partners includes the University of Amsterdam, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, KU Leuven, the University of Hasselt, and Maastricht University Campus Brussels.

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