BiG: Developing a new value chain from biomass to C6 monomers

In this project, the Orrù-group of AMIBM is responsible of the quality analysis of the pilot plant and scouting for new routes to use methyl pentenoates as bio-based building block into high-commodity materials.

After a success of the BM2C6 project, we aim to continue our efforts in this BiG project on creating an unprecedented value chain starting from biomass up to C6 monomers. The entire process will be demonstrated on pilot scale. This project is expected to show both ecologic and economic benefits for the entire value chain. This will give a wide range of opportunities to industrial partners to step in and differentiate themselves in sustainable activities.

The road from biomass to C6 monomers goes via different process steps. This includes application testing of all products and co-products. It all starts with levulinic acid (LA), produced from woody biomass. Levulinic acid is recognized as a major stepping-stone to ‘green’ a wide range of down-stream products. Moreover, its high carbon yield and energy yield ensures excellent sustainability and process economics.