Recording lectures

As a service to its students, UM can record lectures so that students can watch them later. This can be an audio or an audio and video recording.

Students are kept out of the picture as much as possible by placing cameras in a fixed place and alerting students to the recording in advance.

If you are recognizable in a recording of a lecture and you object to this, you can report this in writing to the MediaSite administrator of your faculty. Where possible, the administrator of MediaSite in your faculty will take measures to make you unrecognisable in the recording.

The system that makes it possible to watch recorded lectures keeps track of user statistics, such as how long a lecture has been watched and by whom. The faculty key-user has access to these statistics, but only provides them in anonymised form to others, including lecturers. UM has a legitimate interest in keeping these statistics, because they are used to improve the service to students and measures have been taken to reduce the impact on students’ privacy to a minimum

Recordings of lectures will only be made available to students enrolled in the course to which the lecture relates; they will not be made publicly available to everyone.

Guest lecturers

Guest teachers are asked by means of a consent form for their consent to make a recording . This consent may be withdrawn at any time. Withdrawal of consent has no retroactive effect.