Prof. dr. Gerjo Kok


1998-present Professor of Applied Psychology, Maastricht University
1998-2005 Dean, Faculty of Psychology, Maastricht University
1994-present Adjunct professor in Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Texas at Houston, USA
1992-2004 Endowed professor for AIDS Prevention and Health Education for the Dutch Aids Fund, Maastricht University
1984-1997 Professor of Health Education, Department of Health Education, School of Public Health, Maastricht University
1992 Visiting professor Center for Health Promotion R&D, School of Public Health, University of Texas at Houston, USA
1975-1984  Assistant professor, Associate professor, Department of Social Psychology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands


2013:   FEHPS: Fellow of the European Health Psychology Society,
2007:   Royal Declaration of Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau for outstanding service to society,  
2002:   The University of Texas/Houston’s John P. McGovern Award in Health Promotion,  
1998:   Honorary Member of the Dutch Society for Prevention and Health Education (NVPG).


Selected publications

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