Nicolò Pantaleo, MA European Studies: International Relations

My name is Nicolò Pantaleo, and I am currently attending a master in International Relations. I am from Italy, close to Rome. In 2015, I obtained a ‘Science of Tourism’ bachelor’s degree at Rome “La Sapienza” University, and last year I achieved a second bachelor’s degree studying International Business Administration at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

The programme is rich in content and academic challenges. With the right ambition, interest, and mindset, the course objectives are attainable. It allows you to evaluate the underlying reasons of your own viewpoints, questioning your beliefs and discovering the structures and processes that have an impact on the way the international order is designed, thus our social lives. In my personal experience, the International Relations’ master course represented a perfect bridge in line with my interests and previous studies. So far, my favourite course has been International Relations and Foreign Policy, as it offered the main insights from the different schools of thought in International Relations, making our ideas more tangible, and proposing a perspective on what moves States and justifies their political posture on the international stage. With the aim of wanting to work in a global context, this course prepares students to a European mindset, needed to support and interpret the challenges that our continent is facing in a complex geopolitical environment. The International Relations specialization enhances your awareness and poses the foundations for a career where you can make an impact and lead change.

I have been living in Amsterdam, where everything moves quickly and frenetically. Maastricht offers a ‘safe nest’ where to cultivate time for studies, as well as enhancing my connection with the surrounding nature, reachable in just 15 minutes biking. Moreover, how to not mention the unforgettable nights with my fellow students, spent in the many bars that Maastricht has to offer.

What I like most about the faculty is the location and the architectural structure, inspired by the medieval soul of the city. It is a lovely combination to live in a historical place while studying something very actual. In addition, the building is a few minutes’ walk away from the main squares, making it perfect to stop by for good talks and exchange of point of views with university fellows.​

Nicolò Pantaleo
March 2022