YERUN General Assembly: prospects for more research collaboration

Last Thursday, YERUN's General Assembly 2024 took place at Paris Dauphine University-PSL, marking an important moment for the network of young European research universities. The assembly bringing together the rectors, presidents and institutional coordinators of the network covered a range of topics, including updates on YERUN's work, discussions on the collaborative research platform, and plans for the network's 10th anniversary and the next YERUN Strategy (2026-2030). 

Notably, the assembly welcomed Tallinn University as a new member, with Prof. Tõnu Viik, the university's Rector, joining the discussions. Talinn University has a strong focus on digital humanities opening prospects of collaboration with UM and other YERUN partners. 

Mr. Peter Dröll, Director Prosperity at the European Commission's DG Research and Innovation, engaged in a dialogue with YERUN members on the wide potential of AI for the world of science. YERUN members collectively underlined the importance of having a say on a policy proposal for science at EU level when the new EU Commission takes office. YERUN members also discussed political developments including the internationalisation debate in Europe.

Matching researchers

The gathering tested the Connect by YERUN platform, which aims to make it easier for researchers within YERUN to find each other (i.e. matching). Scheduled to launch in June, the platform will link researchers to funding opportunities via AI and facilitate the monitoring of research collaborations. In short, it will help boost ties between Maastricht University researchers and its partners within YERUN.

Paris Dauphine University, who hosted the General Assembly, expressed interest in engaging in a double degree programme with the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences. UM’s YERUN coordinator Jan Hupkens will follow up internally. 

Also representing UM at the gathering were FASoS Dean and professor of EU Democratic Governance Christine Neuhold as UM’s formal representative and European Law professor Hildegard Schneider, representing UM in the YERUN Executive Board. 

Financial reporting and budget discussions rounded out the agenda, ensuring transparency and accountability within the network. 

The YERUN network
YERUN, founded in 2015, aims to amplify the voices of young universities in Europe and foster collaboration across the continent. With 23 member institutions, YERUN seeks to shape the future of higher education, promote collaborative activities, and showcase the achievements of its members on an international stage.

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YERUN General Assembly 2024 participants

YERUN General Assembly 2024 participants

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