Welcome dr. Francesco Zappatore as a visiting researcher

Welcome dr. Francesco Zappatore as a visiting researcher

After completing his Ph.D. on 31 March 2022, defending his dissertation on the theme of punitive damages from a comparative perspective at the University of Foggia Law School that was written under the guidance of his mentor, Professor Francesco Astone, he soon had the opportunity to start a post-doc researcher position in private law.

Thanks to the new position, Francesco was given the chance to spend six months researching abroad, and he believed that Maastricht and M-EPLI might be the right place to stay. And so it was!

He will be spending his period of research starting on 26 September 2022 until the end of March 2023.

Since his introduction (26 September 2022), Francesco has experienced a hospitable and stimulating environment. He strongly believes that this will enable him further develop his research in the best possible way, also thanks to the exchange with his supervisor, dr. Lotte Meurkens.

Furthermore, Francesco is involved in the work of M-EPLI, a research centre dedicated to the European Private Law. He is confident that the synergy, vivacity, and engagement arising from joining the group's activities will contribute to shedding new light and a diverse perspective on the research he is pursuing.

For this reason, he takes the occasion to express sincere gratitude to the two directors, Professors Caroline Cauffman and Marta Pertegás Sender, for their hospitality, the opportunities they are providing him, and those that will surely come.

Francesco will in fact have the chance to share his ideas during the Law Research Festival, scheduled for 9 November, and next year as part of the M-EPLI talks.

The enthusiasm that led the young Italian researcher to choose Maastricht for his research stay will persist, and the community he has joined will make the most of his time and ideas.

He hopes to be able to do the same for the community.

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