VHC well represented at yearly CAPHRI Research Day

On 6 November the yearly CAPHRI Research Day took place where CAPHRI colleagues could meet, share and learn. Our Research Line Creating Value-Based Health Care (VHC) was represented as well.

Public Poster Award

Our VHC contributors for the Public Poster Award were Esther van den Boogaart, Elina Miteniece and Oluwasegun Jko Ogundele.

Jury Poster Pitch Award

Our VHC contributors for the Jury Poster Pitch Award were Esther van den Boogaart and Oluwasegun Jko Ogundele.

Dissertation Award 2017

Daan Westra and Ben Wijnen competed with their dissertations for the Dissertation Award 2017. Daan's dissertation was titled 'Healthcare's competition conundrum: cooperative inter-organizational strategies in competitive healthcare markets'  and Ben's dissertation was titled 'Health technology assessment in epilepsy: moving towards patient-centered efficient care'.

Societal Impact Award

The secretaries Brigitte Caenen, Janet Verheijen and Suus Koene were nominated for the Societal Impact Award.

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