Update: cyber attack at UM

Maastricht University (UM) is currently working day and night on solutions for the major ransomware attack which occurred on Monday, 23 December 2019. IT staff at UM, along with external specialists in this field, have been working all-out since the discovery of the attack. The current phase involves forensic investigation and repairs. The primary focus is on developing solutions which ensure the university will be as protected as possible against these types of attacks in the future.

The Executive Board and the deans of the faculties deeply regret the inconvenience this is causing for both students and staff. In the days to come, they want to see in what way students and staff who are experiencing problems due to this situation can be accommodated.

As required, UM has filed an official report with the police.

In order to work as safely as possible, UM has temporarily taken all of its systems offline. Everything is aimed at giving students and employees access to the systems as soon as possible, possibly in phases. Given the size and extent of the attack, it is not yet possible to indicate when that can be done exactly. For the same reason, it is not possible to state with absolute certainty, which systems have been affected and which have not. This requires additional investigation.

An update will be given as soon as possible following any new developments. Updates will be given on the website.


  • Contact the ICTS Servicedesk at info@m-u.nl or +31 43 38 85 101 (on 27 and 30 December during office hours).
  • Media can contact UM press officer Fons Elbersen: +31 6 53944500.

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