EDLAB Education Innovation Project: Education That Moves You

The University Sports Centre way of studying

Last month, the University Library opened brand new learning spaces in the University Sports Centre. With the introduction of the new sports centre, a multifunctional location was created that supports not only a healthy lifestyle but also a conducive environment for studying.

In addition to state-of-the-art sports facilities, the building now houses innovative learning spaces for UM students, thanks to a unique collaboration between the University Library and the University Sports Centre.

As the world's first university sports centre of its kind, USC offers a multifunctional space where sports and studying interact on a large scale. The building not only includes multiple quiet study rooms but also, starting in March, a dynamic, open learning space. Here, you can do your readings while following a soccer game or waving to someone on the climbing wall. You can start your day in the gym, study, and join a group class to finish the day. Take a break at the Sports Cafe Time Out to recharge, which offers everything from breakfast to dinner or drinks.

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle with a wide range of activities at USC, the University Library has also applied its expertise to create an innovative, healthy, and dynamic approach to studying in alignment with EDLAB’s Education That Moves You philosophy. All quiet study rooms are equipped with innovative seating to facilitate a dynamic and productive learning experience. The learning space also includes a room with standing tables to reduce extended sitting hours, which will also be incorporated into the open learning spaces opening later this year.

Give it a try and experience a healthy and dynamic way of studying for yourself!

Go to EDLAB's Education That Moves You project page.

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