4 October 2017

University College Maastricht has the best teachers!

Good teachers make time for their students, they are available for questions outside the classroom and of course they are competent in their field. According to the Elsevier Best Studies Guide 2017, University College Maastricht has the best teachers in the Netherlands.

Best studies guide

Elsevier - Beste Studies 2017

The Best Studies Guide is published once a year by the Dutch magazine Elsevier. It contains student evaluations of each programme's education, contact hours, facilities, structure, instructors and assessment methods, as well as its organisation and communication.

The guide is largely based on the results of the Dutch National Student Survey and its goal is to provide youngsters who are in the process of making a decision where and what to study, with information to make an informed choice.


* Big studies are higher vocational education studies with more than 442 applications, academic studies with more than 389 applications and academic (research)studies with more than 120 application.