22 March 2018

UM alumna Aukje Kuypers named Businesswoman of the Year 2018

UM alumna Aukje Kuypers (Economics and Business Administration) was named Businesswoman of the Year 2018 this week. The 39-year-old has managed her family’s company, Kuijpers, engaged in sustainable design, construction, maintenance and operation of technical installations, since 2013. "She has made a substantial contribution to the cultivation of a positive image of women in business in the Netherlands", according to the jury.

Aukje Juypers and Deputy PM Kasja Ollongren

Reaction of the 37th Businesswoman of the Year

Aukje Kuypers said she was very honoured. "I see the award as sparkling recognition for me and our 1150 dedicated staff, who serve our customers every day, offering the technical solutions we stand for as a company." Kuypers is committed to promoting more diversity; 'Alternative Thinking' [Anders Denkers], within the technical branch. "Diversity is a prerequisite for innovation." A nice extra is that women working in technology - which is still a man's world - are by definition Different Thinkers."

Previous award winners

Since 1981, the Prix Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award has been awarded to outstanding businesswomen in the Netherlands. Among them are Anne-Marie Rakhorst, Meiny Prins, Sylvia Tóth, Yolanda Eijgenstein and Francine Houben. Last year, the award was handed to Elske Doets, the owner and CEO of Doets travel agency.

Headed by former Economic Affairs Minister Annemarie Jorritsma, the award jury was made up of the president of the Netherlands VNO NCW employers organisation Hans de Boer, ABP pension fund President Corinne Wortman-Kool and the Business Woman of the Year 2017, Elske Doets. Kuypers was handed the prestigious award by Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Kajsa Ollongren on Monday.

Aukje Kuypers’ career path

Kuypers graduated in Economics and Business Administration from Maastricht University in 2003, after which she started working as a management assistant at Kuijpers, based in Helmond. She then worked as a trainee and later as a Lean Consultant at Fortis bank. In 2010, she returned to Kuijpers to work as Quality Manager Occupational Health & Safety and the Environment. She became General Manager of the company in 2013.

Source: Website Kuijpers