UCM study association celebrates 12,5 years!

Universalis, the UCM study association, has been actively enriching UCM student life for 12,5 years! 

Universalis, the UCM study association, has been actively enriching UCM student life for 12,5 years! During that period, Universalis has organized countless critical and exciting debates, invited prominent guest speakers, organized excursions, open mic nights, theatre, dance and choir performances, and many other events! Its many committees have put on beautiful charity actions, baked us delicious waffles every Wednesday and offered us a great choice of fair trade products every Friday. Universalis has been, is, and will always be by and for UCM students, enriching their daily academic life, taking care of fun, as well as serious stuff that matters to society.

Opening new Universalis board
An official opening of the new Universalis board in the UCM common room.

To mark this festive occasion, UCM has presented Universalis with a new board in the common room, where they can announce and promote all the great activities they organize.


Congratulations Universalis!

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