22 September 2015

UCM Students' column: Friendship, Conversation and Liberal Education

On the 10th of September 2015, the Academic Council of UCM's study association Universalis was hosting its first Guest Lecture of the academic year. The lecture was given by Dr Thomas Norgaard from the University of Winchester on the topic of "Friendship, Conversation and Liberal Education".

Lecture on friendship

He first introduced those three concepts to then link them together. Thereby, he emphasized the importance of difference in friendship in order to be able to create depth. This, as he said, is one crucial component of a liberal education as well and therefore friendliness should be key to a good learning environment. Due to the small group size, the lecture could develop into a discussion round, with the students engaging in several discussions with Dr Thomas Norgaard. One of the studentsĀ said: "It inspires me to think further about something I never thought of before.