UCM Open Day report

On the 14th of November Maastricht University (UM) held its long awaited Bachelors Open Day and in spite of it being a cold, rain spattered November morning making the day slightly less than idyllic — people still turned up in droves. A total of 3100 registered students attended the UM Open Day.

It goes without saying that UCM was extremely busy, especially having just been awarded the title of best Bachelor’s study and best Liberal Arts and Sciences programme in the Netherlands (Rankings). With information bags at the ready and an absolute sea of Dutch pies, orange juice and ever important coffee to greet everyone as they arrived, we could not have been more prepared. The lecture hall and classrooms filled to the brim with people who wanted to get an insight into our award winning Liberal Arts and Sciences programme; the excitement was clear and for many it was evident that UCM had impressed.

Having experienced a large amount of open days myself, including attending two at UCM in the past as a prospective student, I must remark on how unique the experience is at this college. At UCM we know we have a challenging programme and we are under no illusion that it is easy, but the passion and dedication to the work and to UCM as a whole are unmistakeable as the students enthusiastically tell you about their course profile and point you in the direction of courses you yourself might be interested in. While at other universities the atmosphere tells more of a ‘what can you do for us?’, UCM takes an active stance on the side of ‘well, what can we do for you?’.

It is this rhetoric that prevails at our college. Even Teun Dekker, our acting dean, who gave advice at the admissions information desk made it clear that in order to apply to UCM you do not need to jump through hoops and provide evidence of an unblemished grade transcript. Aside from proof of proficiency in English, one of the main requirements is being an individual who would fit in and be comfortable here.

All too soon it approached the end of a successful Open Day after countless conversations with both parents and prospective students our throats hoarse. Words could barely escape our mouths anymore and the big clear up began restoring our temporary information fair back to its usual common room state of couches, bean bags, tables and chess boards. With a glass in hand that evening we celebrated and look forward to another Open Day.

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