Maastricht University is treating the public in celebration of its anniversary year

Tuna de Maastricht serenades residents at Zeven Bronnen

Tuna de Maastricht serenaded residents of the nursing home Zeven Bronnen today on behalf of Maastricht University, which is celebrating its 2016 anniversary year. UM wanted to treat residents in several Maastricht nursing homes to lovely music and charming and enthusiastic musicians. Serenades will also be organised by the University Choir and the University Orchestra. These musicians, many of whom are UM students and staff, will bring music and a smile to several Maastricht nursing homes.

'Our residents love music,' says Roger Stijns, activities counsellor at Zeven Bronnen. 'There were two Spanish women in the audience. One of them was visibly moved by the music and was singing along. The interaction between her and the musicians was wonderful to see.'

Maastricht University is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year and is organising several special events for students, staff and Maastricht residents.

Visit the anniversary website for an overview of the activities.

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