Farewell interview Prof. Bruno de Witte

Time of coming and going

In 2023, the Faculty of Law bid farewell to Professor Bruno de Witte. A person known for his broad interest in topics within European law because, as he said in his farewell interview, 'it would be a shame to limit myself to just one subject.'

During his time at the law faculty, he witnessed positive changes at Maastricht University: Maastricht became 'an international hub for law.' He also contributed to this by helping to set up the European law study program. These were the first steps towards the internationalization of the university in the early 1990s.

He also witnessed changes in Europe. When he started his job at the law faculty in 1989, the European Union had 10 member states. Now there are significantly more, namely 27. Member states cooperate intensively, but according to De Witte, they must always remain critical and devise even better methods. To contribute to this development, he founded the Maastricht Centre for European Law (MCEL) together with colleague Ellen Vos.

However, Professor de Witte cannot sit still. His work is not yet finished, which is why he continues to share his research and ideas.

Read the complete farewell interview with Bruno de Witte here.

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