Team SmartBite wins Top Sector Chemistry student competition with innovative bruxism sensor!

Three of our students, Onno Akkermans, Mitch Spronck and Pegah Keshaniyan, entered the Top Sector Chemistry student competition with their project on developing a sensor to measure bruxism.

The sensor they developed is smaller, thinner and more sensitive than the sensors that are currently on the market, and can be custom made.
During CHAINS 2015 (the largest scientific chemistry congress in the Netherlands), all participants got to present their project. 

Onno, Mitch and Pegah won the competition! Needless to say we are very proud of our students!

“SmartBite has found a creative way to apply chemistry to a relevant problem. The team had a clear plan prepared with a multidisciplinary approach, and this led to good and immediately applicable results. During their presentation they were clear in their explanation and the answers to the questions of the jury were very convincing”, the jury explained. 

Team SmartBite

Congratulations Onno, Mitch and Pegah!

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