11 July 2019

Systems Biology graduate wins MaCSBio Master Thesis Award

During the ceremony, Dr. Mike Gerards handed out the MaCSBio Thesis Award to graduate Felix Taschbach for his research: “Decoder-based Analysis of Internal Representations of Space from Large Scale Recordings of Population’s Activities in the Dentate Gyrus and CA1 Areas of the Mouse Hippocampus.”

About the MaCSBio Master Thesis Award

The MaCSBio Thesis Award is for the student whose master thesis best exemplifies original research, writing and presentation skills, and critical thinking in the Systems Biology programme offered at Maastricht University.

The award is defined as honoring the best thesis from the academic year based on:

  • Scope and significance of the work
  • Representativeness of Systems Biology research
  • Clarity of writing and organisation

MaCSBio aims to develop a set of computational and mathematical models, applicable in science and clinic, that will advance our understanding of biological systems, and predict progression and treatment of complex diseases over time.