30 January 2020
Subsidies for UM students and staff

Students run ‘not another supermarket’

In 2018, UM student Liza Diane Gordin and some fellow students received a grant from the University Fund Limburg/SWOL to set up the first student food cooperative of the Benelux. This special initiative, called the Foodcoop Maastricht, helps the students realise their ambition: making organic and sustainable products accessible to and affordable for anyone.


Caring about the planet

‘‘I stepped down as president of the Foodcoop Maastricht last October, but I want to mention one more time how grateful I still am for all the students and board members that helped last year and for the students who are currently volunteering every week. Their positive energy and time investment are exceptional! I am proud that Maastricht is the first student city to pioneer with a functioning food cooperative, one that cares about the planet. We strongly believe that consuming more organic and sustainable products has a positive impact on reversing the negative effects of climate change. With the Foodcoop Maastricht, we can create solutions to those issues, together, as one community!’’


Text: Milou Schreuders
Photography: Foodcoop Maastricht