Match Maastricht

Student volunteers at work during Museumnacht Maastricht

Match Maastricht is official partner of Museumnacht Maastricht. They will provide 25 student volunteers, who will work across different venues in the city. The students are linked to a cultural institution and will work together with volunteers and staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly: from welcoming visitors to helping out behind the scenes. Five students will also play the role of Night Watchers, acting as mystery guests and giving advice based on their experience. Bert Jongen, alderman for education, sports, youth and student city: "I think it's great to see this group of students volunteering at a beautiful event in our city. That is a good way to connect with each other."

Connecting students and the city

By working together with Museumnacht Maastricht, Match aims to involve students in the city. Hanna Hesemans, spokesperson for Match: "This event is an opportunity to bring the city and students closer together. Local volunteers and employees of the various locations get to know the power of student volunteers. It is a chance that the students themselves also get a lot in return, because their participation in the museum night is free. Thanks to our collaboration with the Stichting Museumnacht, we can also give them a small fee."

Stichting Museumnacht Maastricht is also enthusiastic about the collaboration: "With the motto: 'If you want to touch young people, make them part of it' we have been working since night one to strengthen the connection between local young people and cultural Maastricht. Our collaboration with Match Maastricht makes it possible to welcome students, not only as visitors during the night, but also to involve them as co-creators, organizers and even advisors. We are extremely proud as well as grateful that, with help of Match Maastricht, more than 20 enthusiastic students have signed up to support us on Friday 8 April."

About Match & Studentcity

The ambition of the programme Studentcity by the municipality and Maastricht University is to develop Maastricht - the oldest city in the Netherlands with the youngest university in the Netherlands - into a real studentcity, where students feel at home. Within this program, Match helps students to make a social contribution in Maastricht by doing volunteerwork. The goal is to ensure that by 2030 students in Maastricht spend a total of 100,000 hours per year on volunteer work. Initiatives: brighter futures, homesharing, match houses. For more information about Match, please visit

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