Salary December 2015

In December 2015 beside the end-of-year bonus you will receive a structural increase of salary of 1,25% (with retroactive effect to 1 September 2015) and under conditions a one-off gross payment of € 500 bruto (in the case of full-time employment).

On 26 November the parties to the collective labour agreement entered into the ‘2015 Pay Bargaining Range Agreement (Implementing Agreement) for the Research-Oriented Higher Education Sector’ (uitvoeringsovereenkomst 2015 loonruimteovereenkomst sector WO). Under the agreement, the salaries will be structurally increased by 1.25% with retroactive effect to 1 September 2015. The salary increase will be paid with retroactive effect from December 2015.

In addition, employees who had an employment contract with UM on 1 September 2015 and still are UM employees in the month of December 2015 will receive a one-off gross payment of €500 in the case of full-time employment. This one-off payment will be made in December 2015 and will substitute the one-off gross payment of €350 with effect from June 2016 that was agreed in the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO NU). Employees who were employed by UM after 1 September 2015 and still are UM employees on 1 June 2016 will receive the one-off gross payment of €350 agreed in the CAO NU in June 2016 in the case of full-time employment. Student or research assistants, employees in junior salary scales, employees on a minimum youth wage and SOM students will not receive a one-off payment. 

In 2016 the parties to the CAO NU will enter into agreements on the other sections of the 2015-2016 Pay Bargaining Range Agreement for the Public Sector (loonruimteovereenkomst publieke sector 2015-2016).

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