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Is running on the treadmill as effective as running outside?

Bas van Hooren in The Washington Post on: ‘Is running on the treadmill as effective as running outside”?

A treadmill doesn't have to be a dreadmill

The Washington Post talked to experts about treadmill workouts, and how to make the most of them. They published an article discussing research of Bas van Hooren and his research team of the department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences on running on a treadmill vs running outdoors.

A perfect example of how scientific knowledge and NUTRIM research is being translated to reach a wider audience and have an impact on their movement with workout tips and tricks.

There are subtle differences with running on the treadmill, but it is largely as effective as training outside, experts say. While energy consumption is “very, very slightly lower,” in treadmill running, the differences are minor, said Bas Van Hooren, a competitive runner and researcher at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. At speeds of up to 16 kilometres per hour, which is roughly a six-minute per mile pace, treadmill running results in similar oxygen costs and heart rate compared to outside running, he said. The slight difference in energy consumption, though, can add up if you do the majority or all of your training on a treadmill, Van Hooren added.

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