Maastricht data researchers collaborate in large international project

Researchers FSE build Health Data Federation Platform for major cardiovascular disease research

On October 25, the international research consortium iCARE4CVD was established. The consortium aims to gain more insight into cardiovascular diseases and future ways to prevent and cure them. Using artificial intelligence and data from more than 1 million patients in a single database, partners are looking for new strategies to move from uniform to personalised care.

The Institute of Data Science/Department of Advanced Computing Sciences of the Maastricht Faculty of Science and Engineering is one of the iCare4CVD partners. Researchers Dr. Visara Urovi and Prof. Michel Dumontier receive one million euros for their part of the project: “We are building a Health Data Federation Platform that guarantees the security and reliability of the data collected. We do this in line with our vision of responsible data science by design; the platform supports the principles of the FAIR data sharing and analysis”, said Urovi.

The coordination of iCARE4CVD is in the hands of Professor of Cardiology Hans-Peter Brunner-La Rocca of Maastricht University. The whole project received a grant of EUR 22 million.

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